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The Wisdom and the Folly - An Exposition of the First Book of the Kings

The Wisdom and the Folly - An Exposition of the First Book of the Kings
Autor: Davis, Dale Ralph
Vydavateľ: Christian Focus Publications
Rok: 2002
Obal: soft
Počet strán: 350
Stav: 5/5
Cena: € 4.90

"Have you ever wondered why bits of the Bible are boring?" asks Dale Ralph Davis with refreshing honesty. Such open honesty characterises this sane and sensible commentary on 1 Kings. Perhaps the words `sane' and `sensible' give the impression that the book is itself rather dull and boring, but not so. In a way that is refreshing, humorous and penetrating Davis opens up the book of 1 Kings and provides sound, wholesome teaching. It is only when you look in the footnotes at some of the weird and wonderful interpretations from various scholars that you begin to appreciate the quality of what Davis is giving to you. His quick-fire no-compromising-with-scripture demolition job of these authors, coupled with his simple clarity, reassures the reader that, in the words of Dick Lucas, we are in "a safe strong pair of hands to guide us through the treasure - and the uninspiring bits - of 1 Kings."

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