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The Island of the Ancients - The Secrets of Sardinia's Centenarians

The Island of the Ancients - The Secrets of Sardinia's Centenarians
Autor: Hills, Ben
Vydavateľ: Pier 9
Rok: 2008
Obal: soft
Počet strán: 247
Stav: 5/5
Cena: € 5.40
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   - Alebo -   

Why is it that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia are two or three times as likely as any other people on earth to reach 100? Is it a 'longevity gene' inherited from mysterious Neolithic ancestors? Is it a frugal diet of organic produce, or the legacy of a life of hard physical work in a pristine environment? Their attitude to life, or the warm bonds of family and community? Journalist Ben Hills travels with photographer Mayu Kanamori around this Island of the Ancients, meeting up with a cast of colourful centenarians while capturing Sardinia's glorious landscape and lifestyle. Key points: strong narrative non-fiction, perfect for those captivated by the human interest stories and travel writing; Ben Hills is an acclaimed investigative journalist and he brings this eye and writing style to this wonderfully unique topic; the amazing photographs of the Sardinian centenarians are simply captivating

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