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Psychology / Medicine / Self-Help

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Six Thinking Hats
De Bono, Edward
Six Thinking Hats can help you think better-with its practical and uniquely positive approach to ..
€ 5.90
So You\'ve Been Publicly Shamed
Ronson, Jon
For the past three years, Jon Ronson has traveled the world meeting recipients of high-profile pu..
€ 5.40
Out of stock
T\'ai Chi Ch\'uan: For Health and Self-Defense
Liand, Master T.T.
The amazing T.T. Liang gives the reader the benefit of his 80 years (or possibly more) of studyin..
€ 4.40
The Act of Creation
Koestler, Arthur
While the study of psychology has offered little in the way of explaining the creative process, K..
€ 3.90
Out of stock
The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell
Huxley, Aldous
As only he can, Aldous Huxley explores the mind's remote frontiers and the unmapped areas of ..
€ 7.40
The Essentials of Psycho-Analysis
Freud, Sigmund
"The Essentials of Psycho-Analysis" is the definitive collection of Sigmund Freud's..
€ 12.90
The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be
Brott, Armin - Ash, Jennifer
Revised and expanded for the second edition, this text provides an action-packed, month-by-month ..
€ 4.40
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
Sacks, Oliver
In his most extraordinary book, "one of the great clinical writers of the twentieth century&..
€ 8.40
The Power Tactics of Jesus Christ and Other Essays
Haley, Jay
In this classic volume, it is the title essay that is the most controversial. Jay Haley proposes ..
€ 4.40
The Priority List : A Teacher\'s Final Quest to Discover Life\'s Greatest Lessons
Menasche, David
In this poignant and inspiring memoir, a beloved high school English teacher with terminal brain ..
€ 6.40
The Psychopath Test
Ronson, Jon
They say one out of every hundred people is a psychopath. You probably passed on on the street to..
€ 7.40
Out of stock
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Covey, Stephen R.
THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE is recognised as one of the most influential books ever w..
€ 5.40
Out of stock
The Technique of the Love Affair
Epstein, Norrie (Ed.)
This 1928 classic--playfully shocking and surprisingly practical--is now back in print, astutely ..
€ 4.90
The Tipping Point
Gladwell, Malcolm
The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshol..
€ 4.40
Out of stock

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