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Sartre: Ideologue of Our Times

Sartre: Ideologue of Our Times
Autor: Molnar, Thomas
Vydavateľ: Funk & Wagnalls
Rok: 1968
Obal: hard
Počet strán: 143
Stav: 4/5
Cena: € 5.90
Out of stock
   - Alebo -   

Thomas Molnar was one of the influential intellectuals who contributed to the spectacular emergence of American conservatism after World War II. As a young scholar he joined the circle of conservative thinkers and received praise for his broad horizon of knowledge, his sharp criticism of utopian liberalism, and his defense of a revised notion of authority. Molnar's study of the French atheist-existentialist philosopher centers upon Sartre's hatred of the "bourgeoisie." For Sartre this is not only the loathed traditional middle class (from which he himself sprang), but anyone not exercising absolute and unbounded freedom to do as he pleases. In Sartre's new world there are no moral norms; the very concepts of "good" and "evil" would disappear.

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