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Marriage and Morals

Marriage and Morals
Autor: Russell, Bertrand
Vydavateľ: Bantam Books
Rok: 1966
Obal: soft
Počet strán: 215
Stav: 3/5
Cena: € 3.40
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Marriage and Morals is a 1929 book by the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell that questions the Victorian notions of morality regarding sex and marriage. The fireworks fly when the great Bertrand Russell writes about a subject as provocative as marriage and morals. But they are a rational and devastatingly logical kind of fireworks . . . for that was the nature of the man. Russell's approach to sex and love is based on the realities of need and desire, rather than on ancient tribal and religious taboos. Marriage and Morals is a clear, unbiased look at morality, a morality that is simply one aspect of Russell's lifelong opposition to restrictive dogma and an affirmation of his unshakeable faith in the adequacy of man and the power of human intellect.

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