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Autor: Burg, David - Feifer, George
Vydavateľ: Abacus
Rok: 1973
Obal: soft
Počet strán: 445
Stav: 4/5
Cena: € 5.40

Alexander Solzhenitsyn's place in Russiand and world literature is now widely recognized, but only the barest details are known about his life, his personal sufferings under Stalinism, and the attempts by the Soviet government to discredit him and his works. These experiences are of immense importance because most of his works are drawn heavily from them - his life in Stalin's labour camps and prisons is vividly reflected in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and The First Circle, and his confinement to hospital with cancer provides the background of Cancer Ward. This fascinating biography traces his entire life, from his childhood in Rostov to his position as a writer of rare force, who not only refuses to alter his fiction in response to immense political pressures, but openly challenges the system that generates them. This biography is based on documents which Solzhenitsyn has made public, on statements he has openly made, on interviews with Russians in regular contact with him, and on interpretations of his work.

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