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History / Sociology

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Up Against It - Photographs of the Berlin Wall
Rice, Leland
Rice began photographing the West German side of the Berlin Wall in 1983. Calling himself a "..
€ 6.40
Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour
Fox, Kate
Witty and wise, Kate Fox reveals the quirks, habits, and foibles of the English in her book Watch..
€ 4.90
Out of stock
What Management Is
Magretta, Joan
What Management Is, by former Harvard Business Review editors Joan Magretta and Nan Stone, identi..
€ 5.40
Who Moved My Cheese?
Johnson, Spencer
Written by Spencer Johnson, coauthor of The One Minute Manager, this enlightening and amusing sto..
€ 3.90
Who\'s Your City? How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life
Florida, Richard
It's a mantra of the age of globalization that where we live doesn't matter. We can innov..
€ 7.90
Women and the Work of Benevolence - Morality, Politics, and Class in the 19th Century United States
Ginzberg, Lori D.
In this book, Lori D. Ginzberg examines benevolent work performed by middle- and upper-middle-cla..
€ 5.40
Worth Dying for : The Power and Politics of Flags
Marshall, Tim
When you see your nation's flag fluttering in the breeze, what do you feel?; For thousands of..
€ 5.90
Yoshiwara: Geishas, Courtesans, and the Pleasure Quarters of Old Tokyo
Longstreet, Stephen and Ethel
"Lust will not keep…Something must be done about it."—inscription at the e..
€ 6.40

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