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History / Sociology

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Guns, Germs and Steel
Diamond, Jared
"Diamond has written a book of remarkable scope ... one of the most important and readable w..
€ 7.40
Harry\'s Bar: A Venetian Legend
Cipriani, Arrigo
A meeting place for writers, artists, models, stars of stage, screen, and corporate boardrooms, a..
€ 4.40
Hedy\'s Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
Rhodes, Richard
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes delivers a remarkable story of science history: how ..
€ 6.90
Hell\'s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga
Thompson, Hunter S.
"California, Labor Day weekend...early, with ocean fog still in the streets, outlaw motorcyc..
€ 8.40
Homage to Catalonia
Orwell, George
An unrivalled picture of the rumours, suspicions and treachery of civil war' Antony Beevor Ev..
€ 8.90
Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets
Simon, David
From the creator of HBO's The Wire, the classic book about homicide investigation that became..
€ 7.40
In the Beginning Was the Command Line
Stephenson, Neal
This is "the Word" -- one man's word, certainly -- about the art (and artifice) of ..
€ 5.90
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
Philbrick, Nathaniel
In the Heart of the Sea brings to new life the incredible story of the wreck of the whaleship Ess..
€ 4.90
In the Time of Madness: Indonesia on the Edge of Chaos
Lloyd Parry, Richard
In the last years of the twentieth century, foreign correspondent Richard Lloyd Parry found himse..
€ 6.90
India: A Wounded Civilization
Naipaul, V.S.
In 1975, at the height of Indira Gandhi’s “Emergency,” V. S. Naipaul returned t..
€ 4.40
Ireland Her Own: An Outline History of the Irish Struggle
Jackson, T.A.
This classic book tells the history of eight hundred years of the Irish people's struggles fo..
€ 4.40
King Leopold\'s Ghost
Hochschild, Adam
In the 1880s, as the European powers were carving up Africa, King Leopold II of Belgium seized fo..
€ 10.90
Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA
Weiner, Tim
For the last sixty years, the CIA has managed to maintain a formidable reputation in spite of its..
€ 6.90
Service, Robert
Lenin is a colossal figure whose influence on 20th-century history cannot be underestimated. This..
€ 10.90
Letters from America
de Tocqueville, Alexis
Young Alexis de Tocqueville arrived in the United States for the first time in May 1831, commissi..
€ 9.90
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media
Herman, E.S. - Chomsky, N.
In this pathbreaking work, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky show that, contrary to the usual ima..
€ 7.40
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