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History / Sociology

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Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive
Diamond, Jared
Brilliant, illuminating, and immensely absorbing, Collapse is destined to take its place as one o..
€ 3.40
Out of stock
Dead Man in the Bunker: Discovering My Father
Pollack, Michael
Gerhard Bast was found shot in an abandoned bunker in northern Italy in April 1947. A middle-rank..
€ 8.40
Dead Reckoning: Memories of the 1971 Bangladesh War
Bose, Sarmila
This ground-breaking book chronicles the 1971 war in South Asia by reconstituting the memories of..
€ 6.40
Death March on Mount Hakkoda: A Documentary Novel
Nitta, Jiro
In a military training mission gone tragically wrong, 210 soldiers ascend Mount Hakkoda in the de..
€ 4.90
Decision in Normandy
D'Este, Carlo
Field Marshal Montgomery's battleplan for Normandy, following the D-Day landings on 6 June 19..
€ 5.90
Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam\'s Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned
Townley, Alvin
During the Vietnam War, hundreds of American POWs faced years of brutal conditions and horrific t..
€ 6.90
Detroit 67: The Year that Changed Soul
Cosgrove, Stuart
The Epic Story of Motown and Detroit's Independent Soul Music Scene It’s January 1967&m..
€ 9.90
Out of stock
Devil\'s Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three
Leveritt, Mara
In 2011, one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in American legal history was set right when..
€ 6.40
Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar
Holland, Tom
Author and historian Tom Holland returns to his roots in Roman history and the audience he cultiv..
€ 5.40
Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Powers
Ferguson, Niall
The British Empire was the largest in all history: the nearest thing to world domination ever ach..
€ 7.40
Out of stock
Endurance: Shackleton\'s Incredible Voyage
Lansing, Alfred
The harrowing tale of British explorer Ernest Shackleton's 1914 attempt to reach the South Po..
€ 8.90
Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything
Gleick, James
From the bestselling, National Book Award-nominated author of Genius and Chaos, a bracing new wor..
€ 6.90
Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II
Zuckoff, Mitchell
Frozen in Time is a gripping true story of survival, bravery, and honor in the vast Arctic wilder..
€ 6.90
Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and its Silent Past
Tremlett, Giles
The appearance, more than sixty years after the Spanish Civil War ended, of mass graves containin..
€ 5.40
Give Me My Father\'s Body: The Life of Minik, The New York Eskimo
Harper, Kenn
In his search for the North Pole at the turn of the twentieth century, the renowned Robert E. Pea..
€ 5.40
Globe: Life in Shakespeare\'s London
Arnold, Catharine
The life of William Shakespeare, Britain's greatest dramatist, was inextricably linked with t..
€ 8.90

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