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A Life on the Hop: Memoirs from a Career in Beer

A Life on the Hop: Memoirs from a Career in Beer
Autor: Protz, Roger
Vydavateľ: Campaign for Real Ale
Rok: 2009
Obal: soft
Počet strán: 236
Stav: 4/5
Cena: € 4.40

Well known and admired within the world of beer, Roger Protz has written many indispensible books on the subject and these memoirs will provide fascinating reading not just to his many fans but to all lovers of real ale. During his career, he has traveled to most of the great beer-drinking nations—from Britain, through Europe to Russia, Mexico, and the U.S. Starting in Britain in the 1970s, during the early days of the Campaign for Real Ale, he was involved from early on in the battle to save traditional beer from giant brewers. Other significant challenges have included the battle to save Czech Budweiser from the litigious maneuverings of the American Bud brewery during the grim years of the 1980s; years which started Protz's long love affair with the Czech Republic. The book also includes entertaining anecdotes from many trips to other parts of the world, including visits to Belgium, where Roger once stayed with monks in a Trappist monastery to discover the secrets of their fascinating "wild" lambic beers, made by spontaneous fermentation. In St. Petersburg, he sought out such traditional beers as Baltic Stouts and Porters, which are under threat from global brewers. During many visits to the U.S. he saw for himself the microbrewing revolution bringing taste and flavor back to a country dominated by bland national brands. Among other experiences, he also recounts an hilarious trip on the QE2 for beer tasting afloat!

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