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01/07/2020 Naša kamenná predajňa na Baštovej je zatvorená, momentálne si knižky môžete vyberať len online tu.

02/07/2017 Ponuku rozširujeme o úplne nové (nečítané) knihy.

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Art / Architecture / Design

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Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography
Barthes, Roland
Barthes shares his passionate, in-depth knowledge and understanding of photography. Examining the..
€ 7.90
Czech Cubism
Vlčková, Lucie
A Guide to the Permanent Exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. ..
€ 4.40
Gainsborough: His Life and Art
Lindsay, Jack
A biography and illuminating study of the great 18thcentury British artist, with hitherto unpubli..
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Rudolf Nureyev - The Life
Kavanagh, Julie
Born on a train in Stalin's Russia, Rudolf Nureyev was ballet's first pop icon. No other ..
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Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampisteries
Tzara, Tristan
Tristan Tzara—poet, literary iconoclast, and catalyst—was the founder of the Dada mov..
€ 7.40
Out of stock
The Painted Word
Wolfe, Tom
"America's nerviest journalist" (Newsweek) trains his satirical eye on Modern Art i..
€ 4.40
The Scramble for Art in Africa
Schildkrout, E.-Keim, C. (Eds.)
This book is about the expeditions from Europe and North America to collect African art objects a..
€ 8.90
What is Art?
Tolstoy, Leo
During his decades of world fame as a novelist, Tolstoy also wrote prolifically in a series of es..
€ 4.40

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