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17/03/2020 Všetky objednávky s troma a viac knihami doručujeme kuriérom, cena poštovného sa nemení.

Knižný advent 2019: posledný mesiac roka prináša výber tých najlepších titulov.

02/07/2017 Ponuku rozširujeme o úplne nové (nečítané) knihy.

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Čerstvo pridané

Čerstvé aprílové prírastky do našej ponuky prinášajú týchto 11 titulov.

Prejsť si môžete aj tituly pridané počas predošlých mesiacov:

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Alaska: Saga of a Bold Land
Borneman, Walter R.
The history of Alaska is filled with stories of new land and new riches -- and ever present are n..
€ 10.40
Animal Farm
Orwell, George
'All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.'Mr Jones of Manor Fa..
€ 3.40
Briefing for a Descent into Hell
Lessing, Doris
A fascinating look inside the mind of a man who is supposedly “mad.” Professor Charle..
€ 3.90
Peace Process: American Diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1967
Quandt, William B.
Updated through the first term of President George W. Bush, the latest edition of this classic wo..
€ 12.90
Running With the Firm: My Double Life as an Undercover Hooligan
Bannon, James
Of course I'm a f**king hooligan, you pr**k. I am a hooligan...there I've said it...I'..
€ 4.40
The Best Short Stories
De Maupassant, Guy
This collection reflects Maupassant's remarkable diversity, with stories that vary in theme a..
€ 3.90
The Homecoming
Pinter, Harold
In an old and slightly seedy house in North London there lives a family of men: Max, the aging bu..
€ 4.40
The Shack
Young, William P.
Mackenzie Allen Philips' youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation..
€ 3.90
The Tunnel
Gass, William H.
Thirty years in the making, William Gass's second novel first appeared on the literary scene ..
€ 7.40
The Virgin Blue
Chevalier, Tracy
Meet Ella Turner and Isabelle du Moulin two women born centuries apart, yet bound by a fateful fa..
€ 3.90
The Woman Who Walked into Doors
Doyle, Roddy
Paula Spencer is a thirty-nine-year-old working-class woman struggling to reclaim her dignity aft..
€ 3.40

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