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Short Stories

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A Twist in the Tale
Archer, Jeffrey
No one can weave a web of suspense, deliver a jolt of surprise, or teach a lesson in living like ..
€ 3.90
Along Rideout Road
Stead, C.K. (Ed.)
New Zealand Short Stories 2: Along Rideout Road. These stories have been chosen from the period b..
€ 3.40
Before Hiroshima: The Confessions of Murayama Kazuo and Other Stories
Barkan, Joshua
As death approaches, an old Japanese man finds it necessary to clean his soul, to confront the mi..
€ 3.40
Collected Stories
Williams, Tennessee
Acclaimed as one of America's most successful playwrights, Tennessee Williams also published ..
€ 4.90
Out of stock
Dream Stuff
Malouf, David
Here are nine haunting stories from the award-winning author of "Remembering Babylon," ..
€ 3.90
Family Dancing
Leavitt, David
Tender, unsettling, and amusing, these stories present families all unhappy in their own differen..
€ 3.90
For the Relief of Unbearable Urges
Englander, Nathan
One of the most stunning literary debuts of our time, these energized, irreverent, and deliciousl..
€ 3.90
Great Short Novels of the American West
Ward, Don (Ed.)
Too often, the Western novel has roughly the same position in American fiction that a slightly di..
€ 1.90
In Our Time
Hemingway, Ernest
€ 4.90
Out of stock
Borges, Jorge Luis
If Jorge Luis Borges had been a computer scientist, he probably would have invented hypertext and..
€ 4.40
Out of stock
Listen to the Voice: Selected Stories
Crichton Smith, Iain
Introduced by Douglas Gifford. This collection of the best of Iain Crichton Smith's short fic..
€ 3.40
Yoshimoto, Banana
In these six stories, the author of Tugumi and NP explores themes of time, healing and fate, and ..
€ 3.90
Out of stock
Metamorphosis and Other Stories
Kafka, Franz
Virtually unknown during his lifetime, Franz Kafka is now one of the world’s most widely re..
€ 3.40
Out of stock
Midnight Graffiti
Horsting, Jessica (Ed.)
With stories by Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Dan Simmons, David J. Schow, Nancy Collins, Neil Ga..
€ 3.90
Miscellany Two
Thomas, Dylan
A Visit to Grandpa's, and Other Stories and Poems. ..
€ 4.40
Out of stock
Music for Chameleons
Capote, Truman
At the centre of Music for Chameleons is Handcarved Coffins, a ‘nonfiction novel’ bas..
€ 5.40
Out of stock

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