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01/12/2017 Knižný advent 2017: jedno knižné prekvapenie denne.

Ponuku rozširujeme o úplne nové (nečítané) knihy.

20/02/2016 Eleven Books & Coffee konečne otvorené!

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Horror / Thriller / Mystery

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The Restless Dead
Beckett, Simon
It was on a Friday evening that forensics consultant Dr David Hunter took the call: a Detective I..
€ 3.90
The Resurrectionist
Bradley, James
London, 1826. Leaving behind his father's tragic failures, Gabriel Swift arrives to study wit..
€ 3.40
The Road to Omaha
Ludlum, Robert
In The Road To Gandolfo, Robert Ludlum introduced us to the outrageous General MacKenzie Hawkins ..
€ 4.40
The Sanctuary
Khoury, Raymond
Here is one of those novels that spans centuries, interweaves stories from past and present, and ..
€ 3.40
The Scarlatti Inheritance
Ludlum, Robert
In Washington, word is received that an elite member of the Nazi High Command is willing to defec..
€ 3.40
The Scream
Skipp, John & Spector, Craig
Rock ‘n’ Roll. Hell. Two great tastes that taste great together. Long before Elvis gy..
€ 3.40
The Sculptress
Walters, Minette
It was a slaughterhouse, the most horrific scene I have ever witnessed...Olive Martin is a danger..
€ 2.90
The Snowman
Nesbo, Jo
The night the first snow falls a young boy wakes to find his mother gone. He walks through the si..
€ 3.90
The Spider in the Corner of the Room
Owen, Nikki
What to believe Who to betray When to run... Plastic surgeon Dr Maria Martinez has Asperger&rsquo..
€ 4.90
The Strain
Del Toro, G. - Hogan, C.
A plane lands at JFK and mysteriously ‘goes dark’, stopping in the middle of the runw..
€ 4.40
The Sword of the Templars
Christopher, Paul
Army Ranger Lt. Col. John Holliday had resigned himself to ending his career teaching at West Poi..
€ 3.90
The Telling
Baker, Jo
A ghost story of the most unusual kind, The Telling is a thrilling—and sometimes chilling&m..
€ 4.40
The Vice Society
McCreet, James
In Victorian London gruesome events are afoot. Some are asking why the Detective Force’s In..
€ 4.40
The White House Connection
Higgins, Jack
Someone is killing off the members of a splinter group known as the Sons of Erin. Normally not a ..
€ 3.40
The Wolf at the Door
Higgins, Jack
On Long Island, a trusted operative for the president nudges his boat up to a pier, when a man ma..
€ 3.40
Time Bomb
Kellerman, Jonathan
Edgar Award winner Jonathan Kellerman once more explores the corruption of California and produce..
€ 3.40

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