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Auriel Rising

Auriel Rising
Autor: Redfern, Elizabeth
Vydavateľ: Arrow Books
Rok: 2005
Obal: soft
Počet strán: 424
Stav: 4/5
Cena: € 3.90

The acclaimed author of The Music of the Spheres works literary alchemy in this new novel set in 1609 London, where the quest to turn lead into gold drives men and women to acts of daring, deception--and even murder. Redfern turns back the clock again in this follow-up to The Music of the Spheres (2001) to bring another era of British history vividly to life. This time the setting is London in 1609, and the city is rife with hostility between Catholics and Protestants. Two years after he was involved in the escape of a Catholic prisoner, young Ned Warriner has returned to London to find that he still has many enemies, one of them now married to the love of his life, Kate. Even worse, he has stumbled upon a mysterious letter that appears to contain the secret for making gold but in reality contains the seeds of a plot that reaches to the highest levels of British royalty. With not only personal survival but national security at stake, Ned must decipher the contents while navigating the dangerous relationships between some of the city's most powerful men. Redfern makes a complicated web of allegiances and betrayals accessible and interesting, adding just the right dose of violence and romance to her well-researched tale.

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