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Contemporary Fiction

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Kane and Abel
Archer, Jeffrey
William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a Boston millionaire, the other a penniles..
€ 3.40
Killing Mister Watson
Matthiessen, Peter
Drawn from fragments of historical fact, Matthiessen's masterpiece brilliantly depicts the fo..
€ 4.40
Last Exit to Brooklyn
Selby, Hubert
Few novels have caused as much debate as Hubert Selby Jr.'s notorious masterpiece, Last Exit ..
€ 3.90
Kennedy, William
BILLY PHELAN'S GREATEST GAME continues the Albany trilogy concluding with IRONWEED. LEGS ..
€ 3.40
Les Enfants Terribles
Cocteau, Jean
At home, Paul shares a private world with his sister Elisabeth, a world from which parents are ta..
€ 6.90
Life of Pi
Martel, Yann
The son of a zookeeper, Pi Patel has an encyclopedic knowledge of animal behavior and a fervent l..
€ 7.90
Love and Longing in Bombay
Chandra, Vikram
On the heels of his award-winning and extravagantly praised first novel, RED EARTH AND POURING RA..
€ 3.40
Love in the Time of Cholera
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
Nobel prize winner and author of One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells a tal..
€ 8.40
Love Warps the Mind a Little
Dufresne, John
Ever since Lafayette Proulx quit his day job, left his wife, hauled his dog and his Royal portabl..
€ 3.90
Love, Again
Lessing, Doris
Love, Again tells the story of a 65-year-old woman who falls in love and struggles to maintain he..
€ 3.90
Love, Etc.
Barnes, Julian
Twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize, Julian Barnes continues to reinvigorate the novel with hi..
€ 3.40
Ludmila\'s Broken English
Pierre, DBC
A wild and brilliant tale by the winner of the Man Booker Prize and one of our most original stor..
€ 3.90
Man in the Dark
Auster, Paul
Man in the Dark is Paul Auster’s brilliant, devastating novel about the many realities we i..
€ 3.40
Manly Pursuits
Harries, Ann
It is Cape Town, in the year 1899. Diamond tycoon Cecil Rhodes believes that he has only months t..
€ 3.90
Martin Sloane
Redhill, Michael
What does it really mean to love another person? The question hovers like a persistent wisp of fo..
€ 3.40
Mercy Road
Pagani, Dalia
On a rocky, windswept mountain ridge at the end of Mercy Road lives a family called Summer. ..
€ 3.40

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